You’re Doing Paid Media Wrong (And Here’s How You Can Fix It)

Presented by Tiger Rensch

Are you *actually* good at paid media?

Basically, you really suck at Paid Media. Seriously, you are really, really bad. Tiger’s gotten fed up with your boosted Facebook post and poorly structured search keywords. Watch this webinar to learn even more about the various ways you suck at Paid Media. If you stick around long enough, Tiger will even show you how to fix it.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Common misunderstandings that lead to major mistakes
  • Your failure to commit is hurting your relationship… and probably your paid media efforts
  • How you’re failing to track and analyze your data
  • How a true full funnel effort takes a full channel commitment
  • How you can fix these terrible issues you’ve created so Tiger stops complaining about you at the water cooler

About Tiger

Tiger Rensch has served his country in the Digital Marketing war for over 7 years. In his quest to rid the internet of dirty rotten scoundrels, he’s developed a wealth of knowledge (he claims) in Paid Media, Organic Search and Content Marketing.

When Tiger’s not immersed in Analytics or new Paid Media strategies, he can be found playing tennis with his kids, trying to revitalize Chuck Norris jokes, inventing new ways to play Monopoly or watching Schitts Creek with his wife.

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