Content Creation – Insourcing vs. Outsourcing or Both?

Fresh, valuable content creation requires deep industry knowledge and passion. So who is best equipped to develop your content? Review this webinar to learn the benefits and challenges of insourcing vs. outsourcing your content creation.

Presented by Drew Eastmead, Director of Content Marketing Education

Review this content development webinar to learn about:

  • How to get your colleagues involved in your content marketing program
  • Ways to interview subject matter experts for content topic ideation
  • Creative ways to maximize your team’s time within a content piece’s lifecycle
  • Editorial strategies to work with in-house or freelance content creators

This webinar dives deep into the processes behind content marketing, not just the end result, so you can streamline your operation and start producing results… faster.

Insourcing vs outsourcing content creation

Recording and Slides

Drew Eastmead

About the Presenter

Drew Eastmead leads Vertical Measures’ training and education efforts, including our Content Coaching services. He has 12 years of digital experience, including 10 in New York City, where he managed several large-scale websites. Today, he arms clients with the latest content marketing knowledge and skills to compete in the digital space.

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