8 Ways to Optimize PPC Costs from Search to Purchase

Presented by Keegan Brown, Digital Advertising Analyst

Sending traffic to your site via well-optimized PPC campaigns is easy. BUT are your campaigns cost effective? Review this webinar to learn how to ensure that your campaigns are generating a positive ROI every step of the way, from search to purchase and beyond.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify if your cost per lead is too high and how to lower it
  • Create a cost per lead goal
  • Set up targeted keywords
  • Keep your lead engaged with your brand after conversion
8 Ways to Optimize PPC Costs

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About the Presenter

Keegan Brown

Keegan Brown is a Digital Advertising Analyst for Vertical Measures, working on high volume PPC ad campaigns for our clients. He develops, manages and optimizes search engine marketing keywords, ads, and handles bid management to maximize return on spend. Keegan also has an entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to expertise in web development, sales and internet marketing.

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