8 (Seinfeld) Secrets to Content Marketing

Presented by Dave Haar, Director of Business Development

Did you ever think the greatest show about nothing would give you insight into how content marketing can grow your  business? We did! Grab a box of Junior Mints and register to join us for a fun, informative webinar that will walk you through the 8 Step Process for search, social, and content marketing, as told by the cast of Seinfeld. 

You will learn:

  • Why content marketing works even while wearing The Puffy Shirt
  • Yada, yada, yada, The Vertical Measures 8 Step Process
  • Resources other than the J.Peterman catalog to help you with next steps
8 (Seinfeld) Secrets to Content Marketing Success

Recording and Slides

About the Presenter

Dave Haar brings to the table over six years of digital marketing experience and fifteen years of marketing and advertising experience in key sales, marketing, account managementm and managerial positions. As Director of Business Development, Dave is responsible for the on-boarding and initial engagement with our clients.