8 Easy Landing Page Tactics to Increase Conversion Rate

You can optimize your PPC campaigns all you want but if your landing page isn’t effective in converting visitors, you are missing out on hundreds of new leads.

Presented by Keegan Brown (@keegan_sean)

Are you optimizing your landing pages to their full potential?

If you aren’t seeing the results you want, there are a handful of tactics to try to help increase your conversion rate.

Join Keegan Brown of Vertical Measures, for a session that will discuss how and why optimization of landing pages, along with the entire conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy, are essential to all types of PPC campaigns.

Learn how to increase your conversion rate results with simple tactics, including:

  • How to properly test and analyze data
  • Remainging consistent to develop trust
  • Creating attention grabbing headlines
  • How to optimize forms and CTAs
  • Utilizing trust signals with your audience

Recording and Slides

Keegan Brown

About the Presenter

As a Digital Advertising Team Supervisor, Keegan manages several PPC and Remarketing campaigns for a variety of clients. In his day-to-day he is managing results-driven campaigns, optimizing landing pages and building long-term relationships with clients through great customer service and continuous improvement.

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