SEO 202 Tutorial Videos

The SEO Tutorial Videos below expand on our SEO 101 series of optimization fundamentals. Dive deeper into advanced SEO strategies, including a focus on localized optimization as well as global implementation, along with other varied topics. These videos are designed to be short, yet thorough glimpses into each topic, providing you an overview to grasp these concepts and start applying right away. Have any questions that come up while watching? Contact us.

Local SEO Citation Audits

Learn how to conduct a local SEO citation audit to ensure your Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) information is present, accurate, and un-duplicated across the internet. The video dives into structure and unstructured citations and how to go about updating them.

Canonical Keyword Mapping

Take control of your SEO strategy with a canonical keyword map. Watch the video to learn a simple 3-step process for setting up your own keyword map and avoiding cannibalization.

Hreflang Tags

There are many reasons why you should start thinking about expanding your content marketing efforts internationally. First you need to understand what an important SEO element, the hreflang tag, is and how you can implement it successfully.

Semantic Keyword Research

Want to know why certain pages are ranking for the keywords you want and others aren’t? Get ready to learn how to conduct semantic keyword research to fill in the content gaps on your site and modify existing content.

Using a CDN for Optimization

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can reduce your page load time by delivering content from the nearest physical server to your audience. Learn how to implement CDNs correctly to reap the benefits.

How PageSpeed Affects SEO

Slow PageSpeed can zap your conversions and rankings. Learn why PageSpeed affects SEO and how to fix it in this intermediate-level video in our SEO 202 series.