Using Meta Tags to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Proper use of meta tags is important for onsite search engine optimization (SEO).  in this SEO video tutorial, we’ll show you how to look at your website and identify potential areas where your website could be improved to increase your search engine rankings, and thereby driving more traffic to your site.  As you progress through this video series, you’ll develop an understanding of onsite SEO techniques that make all the difference in how your site ranks for specific keywords.  Then you may choose to make changes to your website yourself, or hire a professional to make those changes for you.  Watch the video below, or if you can’t see the video, visit YouTube to watch this SEO Video on using meta tags.  We’ve also provided a text outline of the material below the video.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are pieces of code seen mostly by search engines, not the people surfing the pages of your website. They are used by search engines to determine what a specific page on your website is about, and include your meta title, meta description, and meta keywords.


How Can You See Your Meta Data?

If you are using Internet Explorer, click on the word ‘view’ in the menu bar, then drag down to the word ‘source.’ This will pull up a separate window with what may appear to be unreadable text. This is the source code of the page. What you want to look for are the words ‘title’ ‘meta name=”keywords”‘ and meta name=”description”. The easiest way to find these is to click ‘edit,’ and then ‘find.’ Type in the word you are looking for, for example ‘title’ and then click ‘find next’. This will take you to the portion of the code where the title is located. The words between the code are the title of the page. You can also see the title in the title bar.


What if I use FireFox?

If you are using Firefox, it’s very similar, but instead of the word ‘source’ you’ll see ‘page source’. When you go to search, click ‘edit’ then ‘find’ and simply type the word and it will highlight on the page.


What is Your Meta Title?

This is the title of your page, and usually states what the page is about and utilizes your most important keywords. It should also use the specific keywords related to your content. For example, let’s look at The title of this page is “Link Building Service | One Way Link Building | Advanced Link Building Campaigns | Vertical Measures”


What is Your Meta Description?

Your meta description is one or two sentences that describe what your page is about and it also uses your most important keywords. For example: “Award winning SEO Link Building Services. Vertical Measures is a reputable, USA Internet marketing company helping businesses get more website traffic thru higher search engine rankings, link building, social media, local search, and search engine optimization.”


What are Your Meta Keywords?

Keywords include both words and phrases that people might use to search for your content. The keywords in our example are: link building service, one way link building, contextual link building, etc.  Keywords should relate to the content on your page, and also to the way in which potential customers are searching for your products or services on the search engines.

Is Your SEO Ready for the Future?

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