The Complete Google Penalty Recovery Kit

Many websites have felt the negative effects of Google penalties in the last year. Lost rankings and decreased traffic have left many webmasters unsure of where to start in order to recover. That’s where the Complete Google Penalty Recovery Kit comes in. We know how daunting this process can be, so we set out to create a comprehensive guide that walks you through the process of recovery, step-by-step, gained from our own insights working with clients who have bounced back successfully. Whether you have seen a dramatic drop in traffic or just want to take proactive steps to prevent a problem in the future, this guide will address every aspect of recovery.


What’s included when you download this kit:

  • 30 packed pages walking you step-by-step through the recovery process
  • 3 sample webmaster outreach letters to help you reclaim your links
  • 1 Google Reconsideration Request example
  • 1 example links file to submit for a Google Disavow
  • 1 outreach documentation spreadsheet sample
  • 10+ recommended tools to help diagnose your problem & analyze your links
  • Countless resources to help you speed through the process to regain your traffic
  • 3 Email follow-ups sent to you to provide additional resources for each step of the process
  • Access to our SEO specialists if you have questions
  • …and more!


In the Complete Google Penalty Recovery Kit, we’ll help you:

  • Find out what penalty made your traffic drop (Penguin, Panda, or manual?)
  • Know what tools to use to diagnose your problem
  • Analyze your backlink portfolio
  • Understand the manual link review process
  • Prioritize what links to do nothing with, no-follow, prune, or reclaim
  • Learn how to use the Google Disavow tool
  • Handle outreach to webmasters
  • Report to Google for a Reconsideration Request
  • Change the way you think of about link building and content marketing moving forward

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