A Data-Driven Look at Successful Link Building in 2019


There’s no doubt that building high-quality links is essential for your website to compete online, but not every organization has the knowledge, time, or experience to execute a successful link building campaign.

In 2018, our team started tracking additional KPIs deemed important for link development and SEO. The results were informative and valuable (especially for fellow SEO experts), and we’re excited to share them.

Download this NEW data study and see what our link development team was able to provide for clients in 2018. This study will cover:

  • Our overall link development performance and industry benchmarks
  • A deeper look at our link retention rates
  • How we account for seasonality when building links
  • How we leverage linkable assets for higher acquisition rates
  • Understanding the Moz Domain Authority Update

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Written by our very own: Billy Adams, SEO Link Development Manager

Since joining the team in 2015, Billy has moved from a Link Development Specialist to SEO Specialist and now heads up the entire Link Development side of the business.

Billy’s primary goal every day is to help make everyone around him better to deliver the best possible results to our clients. He has a passion for learning new things about SEO and is excited about the direction the industry is headed.