Technical SEO Training & Resources

Clever content and eye-catching visuals aren’t the only pieces of the puzzle that indicate which websites gain traction, and which disappear into the sea of untouched blue links that make up Google search results. Once you’ve spent the time brainstorming, creating, editing, and publishing compelling content, you need to ensure that the fruits of your labor are actually visible on the SERPs. It doesn’t matter how awesome your content is if nobody can find it, right?

With strategic search engine optimization, you can push your way towards the front lines, instead of joining the herd. On this page, you’ll find SEO resources including guides, kits, and tutorials to help you on your optimization journey.


The Future of SEO Trends in 2018 & Beyond

The Future of SEO Trends in 2018 & Beyond is an in-depth free guide that dives into how SEO is expected to change and grow in the near and not-so-near future. It’s a must read for anyone in the industry.

H1 Tag Video

SEO 101 Video Series & Tutorials

This series of videos covers the fundamental building blocks that make up well optimized websites. Ensure the health of your website and your published content by reviewing these SEO basics.

SEO 202 Series

SEO 202 Video Series & Tutorials

Dive deeper into advanced SEO strategies with this 202 series of quick optimization videos. Learn about local citation audits, international optimization, canonical mapping and more.

6 Ways Marketing Automation can Hurt SEO

6 Ways Marketing Automation Hurts SEO

Marketing platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, and Act-On are powerful tools, but can potentially hinder your SEO success. Learn the top 6 pitfalls to watch for and how to assess a platform based on certain criteria.

SEO Best Practices Guide

Search Optimization Best Practices

This SEO white paper provides important basic instructions for laying a strong foundation to help your website be more search engine friendly, including keyword research, site architecture, and more.

Google Penalty Recovery Kit

Complete Google Penalty Recovery Kit

A comprehensive guide that walks you through the process of recovery, step-by-step. It includes a 30-page guide, spreadsheets, sample outreach letters, and an example Disavow submission.