PPC Resources and Training

Advertising is not an exact science. There’s no magic combination of words and images, no perfect font size or color scheme that will guarantee that your ad campaign will connect with its viewers. The beauty of PPC advertising is that it’s not about finding that perfect combo. It’s about creating an ad, testing it, and measuring your results to see what best translates to clicks. As PPC continues to get better at targeting the right consumer (thanks to programmatic advertising), and as mobile click rates continue to skyrocket, PPC will only become more valuable.

On this page, you’ll find a few paid advertising and content promotion resources including a Facebook Ads guide, FAQ’s, and a past webinar with expert Larry Kim. Hopefully they will help get your PPC and paid content promotion campaigns off the ground, and with work (and a bit of luck), into the stratosphere.


Facebook Algorithm Survival Checklist

Download our FREE Facebook Algorithm Survival Checklist to ensure that your profile is addressing key SEO, Paid Media and content considerations.


CRO Value Forecast Calculator

To highlight how CRO can impact your company’s bottom-line, we created a value forecast calculator to help estimate additional leads and ROI you can expect from a 1-year engagement with our CRO experts.

Facebook Ads Targeting Guide

Facebook Ads Guide with Targeting Options

Along with advice on how to find, target, and capture your audience with Facebook Ads, this guide includes an amazing resource that lists all 1,060+ taxonomy targeting options in an Excel spreadsheet.

Beginner's Guide to Content Promotion

The Beginner’s Guide to Content Promotion

Go beyond pressing “Publish” on your content and understand how to create a strategic paid promotion plan that will get your content in the eyes of people that matter.

Track Revenue from PPC Leads to Offline Sales

Track PPC Revenue to Offline Sales

Generating PPC leads isn’t enough. You have to prove the business case for your ad spend and efforts. Learn how to attribute revenue to your leads.

7 Most Frequently Asked PPC Questions

7 Most Frequently Asked PPC Questions

When something isn’t going as planned or you want to expand on things that are going exceptionally, here are 7 common questions that we hear time-and-time again, along with the answers.