Download: How to Get 77% More Traffic from Your Existing Content

gaps with semantic keywords to boost dozens of SEO metrics. After all, you’ve already done most of the work with the content that’s already on your website. Why not get the most from it? We’ll share our proven tactics, complete with a case study example for executing a wildly successful Content Gap Analysis and Semantic Keyword Strategy.

We’ll show you, step-by-step:

  • How to map the buyer personas and their journey to your business objectives
  • How to identify and plug holes in your existing content
  • How to grab rankings share from your competitors
  • How to expand your keyword footprint in the search results
  • How to drastically increase your organic traffic

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Fact: 93% of all buyers, online or in stores, use search engines prior to making a purchase

Fact: 86% of those searches are non-branded queries

Fact: You can get a lot more traffic from your existing content from those searchers