How Much Should You Budget for Digital Marketing This Year?

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So, you’re looking to get a better idea of how much real digital marketing will cost your organization, and in doing so, you’re trying to budget accordingly.

Crafting a full digital marketing strategy requires several processes to work continuously and dynamically to maximize the potential of your efforts. We’re offering ideas on how to plan your digital marketing budget, where to focus, tools to use, and how to allocate your budget across the different tactics. Key takeaways include:

  • Strategizing around the customer journey and building your owned audience
  • What should you include in your digital marketing budget?
  • What to include in your budget
  • How to find hidden funds for your upcoming budget
  • How to justify the budget to your boss
  • Setting expectations for a good digital marketing ROI
  • Calculating customer acquisition cost, lifetime value and lifetime revenue
  • How to allocate funds for traditional vs. online marketing
  • And more!

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A Note from Mike Huber, Senior Director of Strategy & Education:

“We know that your organization wants the best return on their digital marketing investment. To help plan for your upcoming marketing budget, we developed a pricing calculator and cost comparisons for hiring an agency vs. in-house resources. This robust eBook is an invaluable tool to print out or share with your team and get your digital marketing efforts back in the fast lane towards success.”