Your Content Marketing Strategy Template And Checklist

It’s been proven that businesses with a documented strategy are more effective with their content marketing efforts. So what are you waiting for? Download this content marketing strategy template to identify answers within 8 core checkpoints before you ever press “Publish” on a piece of content. This checklist will help you map out:


  1. Business Goals: Why are you creating content?
  2. Content Goals: What do you want your content to do?
  3. Audience: Who will your content speak to?
  4. Competition: What advantage can you gain?
  5. Content Formats: What content types can you create?
  6. Distribution: Where will your content live?
  7. Implementation: Who will produce your content?
  8. Measurement: How will you track success?

content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a 75-page document. It can be as simple as filling out this template with one sentence for each checkpoint. All you need to create is an informed, realistic, and actionable digital content plan that will guide your efforts. This download will help align your people, processes, and priorities around common goals and accelerate any efforts you make.

“The information we share in this guide is a proven success model that we’ve seen work across the spectrum, from startups and local businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Our strategy template and checklist creates a simple yet powerful launch pad that businesses can finish in one sitting and use right away to accelerate their content marketing plans.”

Download the free PDF Guide: