Content Marketing Quick Start Workbook

Just 5 years ago, most people hadn’t heard of “content marketing.” No longer! From small business owner Joe Shmoe to enterprise CEO’s, everybody is producing content. But that doesn’t mean content is being created effectively. To get a leg up on your competition, you have to start with the basics: strategy, ideation, and implementation.

Our Content Marketing Quick Start download is a jam packed 29-page DIY workbook that will help you tangibly understand the basics of content marketing 101, as applied to your business. With lessons weaved throughout, this fill-in-the-blank guide provides prompts, charts, and real world examples on how to start your content marketing program. It covers:

  • Defining ‘content marketing’
  • Creating tangible goals and reachable benchmarks
  • Developing your audience personas
  • Mapping your content to your sales funnel
  • Generating hundreds of content ideas painlessly
  • Discovering your competitive long-tail keywords
  • Performing a content audit
  • …and more!

Download the guide to get your own personal workbook, or to take to your team brainstorming meeting. This is a tangible tool that will help you hone in on your marketing goals and help you reach them with effective and thoughtful content marketing.

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