Content Amp Camp: A 101-Level eCourse on Content Promotion & Distribution

Content [c]AMP has officially begun!

Ready to release your content into the wild? Guide your content amplification efforts with this interactive eCourse. By enrolling in [c]AMP, you’ll earn six badges of mastery by watching six videos and completing six helpful worksheets that put your content amplification knowledge to the test. You’ll master topics including:

  • Content amplification defined
  • The value of influencer marketing
  • How to utilize organic social media
  • Maximizing your paid social media spend
  • Lead nurturing throughout the entire customer journey
  • A fully robust content amplification strategy

The best part: It’s all delivered right to your inbox! There’s no need to leave your desk for this adventure!

Why don’t we just deliver all the videos at once? The topics in this course range a wide spectrum and we feel that delivering easy to digest sections over time is more impactful to your mastery of the course!

We hope you enjoy [c]AMP!

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“Content Amplification is a multi-channel effort using paid, earned and owned channels to get your content to your audience where they need it most.”

– Erik Solan