Content Marketing Training & Resources

Content Marketing is anything but easy. It takes persistence and a boatload of quality ideas – which can be harder to come by than you might think. Most importantly, however, is what we call the “know-how.” As is the case with most difficult things, it’s worth the time devoted to truly learning how to do it…and how to do it right.

We’ve created a bundle of content marketing resources that can become the building blocks of your self-paced content marketing training. With the varied resources provided on this page, you’ll gain much of the knowledge you’ll need to start your content marketing on the right foot or amp up your existing efforts.


Content Amp Camp – Two-Week eCourse

Guide your content amplification efforts with this interactive eCourse. Enroll in c[AMP] today to master disciplines in content promotion and distribution.

90 Day Content Marketing Plan

90-Day Content Marketing Course-Correction Plan

Not seeing the desired results from your content marketing program? Use this guide and actionable workbook to course correct over the next 12 weeks.

Content Marketing Strategy Template

Content Strategy Template & Checklist

Download this actionable playbook to creating a content marketing strategy, based on a proven success model that works for businesses across the spectrum.

Future of Content Marketing

The Future of Content Marketing

This is a 12-page free guide that delves into the past, present and future of content marketing along with expert insights and real-world advice for 2016.

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Hear from a wide range of internet and content marketing experts who provided us with their answers to one simple question: “What is Content Marketing?”

Content Marketing Quick Start

Content Marketing Quick Start Workbook

A jam packed 29-page DIY workbook that provides prompts, charts, and tangible examples on how to start or re-ignite your content marketing program.

8 Step Content Marketing

8 Steps to Successful Content Marketing

Learn 8 steps, explained in plain language with relevant examples and case studies, to get you on your way to developing and promoting your content.

Content Calendar

Editorial Content Calendar Templates

The spreadsheet template contains two calendars: a year view and a month view, plus an example calendar to illustrate how a hypothetical business might use it.

12 compelling concepts

12 Compelling Content Concepts

Learn 12 tactics and tips for making content engaging and share-worthy for your specific demographic, complete with real examples of these tactics in practice.