19 Dec 2012

Taking Advantage of Adword’s Click-to-Call

December 19, 2012PPC Advertising

It’s hard to believe that people were able to get around, let alone find their favorite businesses before the invention of smartphones. Look around you; what was once “the way of the future” is now the new norm, as standard cell phones have quickly become a thing of a past. The good news for you, as an advertiser, is now these potential customers are more accessible than ever. The AdWords “Click to Call” feature is a great way to reach customers on the mobile phones, any time of the day.

A recent study conducted by Google (and appropriately titled, “Our Mobile Planet”) revealed that more than half of people surveyed have called a business after searching for a good or service on their mobile device. This provides valuable insight into the behaviors of potential customers. Accessibility is key. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink says it all – by providing a one-step system to initiate communication, you are making it much easier for customers to contact you. Once the initial contact is made, this hopefully turns into a conversion or possibly a sale.

 Comcast boasts a success story, stating that after integrating click-to-call into their mobile campaigns, online sales saw an increase of 10 percent. Google has concluded that by adding call extensions to your campaign, you can expect to see a six to eight percent increase in your average click-through-rates. With more than 20 million calls generated as a result of the AdWords click-to-call function, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be utilizing this valuable tool. The technology is there, so take the necessary steps to integrate call extensions into your existing campaigns. This can prove especially helpful during high traffic times, such as the holidays, which are currently right around the corner.

 To further assist in your mobile endeavors, Google provides you with detailed reports generated by “Google Call Forwarding Numbers”. Google Call Forwarding Numbers are currently available in the U.S. and the U.K. and have a minimum bid requirement of $1 USD when used on desktop and laptop computers and tablets. This Bid-Per-Call does not apply on mobile phones, where the price is just that of a standard ad click.

 Google Call Forwarding Numbers can be helpful because they not only include calls from your mobile device, but also from desktops and laptops. Google provides a unique forwarding number that, when called, is rerouted to your business phone number (on smartphones and tablets, this number can be clicked to make the call). This feature can be especially useful for companies offering services that often require research before making a purchase, such as an airline company. All calls associated with the unique Google forwarding number are used in detailed reports that can tell you the length of the call (start/end time), from where the call was made (area code), and much more. Advertisers using this feature claim to see calls lasting over six-minutes in duration on average, which is a huge advantage.

 Google has been working diligently to improve call features for businesses in the U.S. and abroad. Some notable upgrades include a one-tap button for click-to-call users, expansion of Google call forwarding numbers to additional countries worldwide and Call Extension features for ads existing within more than 300,000 apps on the Google Display Network.

 If you haven’t enhanced your mobile campaign recently, adding Google Call Extensions is a great way to boost business without breaking the bank. As I said before, making yourself accessible is the most important step. Providing an easy through line for communication is guaranteed to amp up your campaigns, and the performance of your business.