24 Jan 2011

Simple Easy Landing Page Ideas

January 24, 2011PPC Advertising

The Site Pro team attended a presentation by Tim Ash, the landing page guru. The PPC managers here are always trying to keep abreast of the latest research in landing pages (that's the first page a visitor sees after clicking on an ad) …and sharing it with our clients. We are always amazed about how the smallest improvements to a Pay Per Click landing page can improve the conversion rate (that's the percentage of visitors who do actually make a sale or fill out a lead form). Tiny improvements to landing pages can lead to higher conversions — and more revenues for our Pay Per Click clients. Sadly, many landing pages were created without the goal in mind — which is to make conversions. We want our Internet visitors to convert (ie …make a sale, become a sales lead, download a product) with as little hassles as possible. Tim showed us how landing pages should be designed — and provided some doozies of poor landing pages. But Tim emphasized that making some simple changes to the design can increase your sales — and keep your customers happy. Here are some of the insights that Tim shared with our pay per click advertising experts:

Avoid attention leaks on your landing page. Attention Leaks on Landing PagesAn "attention leak" is anything that distracts your landing page visitors from the goal that you want them to achieve. Here's an example: a flying, rotating image that takes up half of the landing page's key real estate. Anything that distracts a potential customer from clicking that purchase button or filling out an email lead form should be edited out.


Make it Really Really Obvious

Landing pages should only have one or two action items on them…and there should be no ambiguity or confusion about what you want your website visitors to do when they reach the landing page.Landing Page tips"Of course!" you might say.

 "They need to call us with the phone number that is on the website. Duh!"

Yes, but that same landing page might be littered with multiple choices…inviting the visitors to download white papers, fill out email newsletter subscription forms or to read reviews. Tim's advice is to Keep it Simple and Obvious. Don't be afraid to use very large buttons that explicitly point to the desired action (like fill out a lead form).

This is not the place to be subtle– go bold!

Offer Credibility

Tim encourage e-commerce site owners to provide as much credibility as they can on their website. Internet searchers are wary on their hunt for the right product or service because the Internet is littered with so many scams and annoying affiliate sites. Get your business site to stand out from the competitors. Build trust with your visitors by showing logos that prove you belong to professional organizations, or follow safe web practices (like a Verisign logo, if you do have SSL certification). Provide the logos of well-know satisfied customers, and show testimonials from these satisfied customers. If you are asking for an email address, provide a link that spells out your privacy policy — and reassure the visitors immediately on the form that you will not abuse their trust by selling that email address.

So Much Advice, So Little Resources Yes… you agree that changes need to be made to your website. Making those changes can require a lot of time and developer investment, as well as expertise in landing page optimization. Our PPC experts here can provide ideas and feedback about our client landing pages. Site Pro can also refer our clients to quality landing page developers to make the necessary changes. Call us for a quote!