08 Dec 2011

QR Codes Increase Conversions

December 08, 2011PPC Advertising

Smartphones have changed the landscape for advertising. Over the last several years, advertisers like you have had to adjust their strategies in order to reach consumers on the go. As mobile sites have become more and more essential, there are a number of ways for people to creatively access those websites. 2D codes like QR code and Microsoft Tag are great ways to reach new customers and improve your conversion rates.
If you have a smartphone, you should be very familiar with QR codes. A QR code (short for Quick Response code) is a square shaped pattern that can be scanned and interpreted by an app to reveal a special message. The QR codes can store a multitude of data from websites and photos, to phone numbers and more. This technology is fairly new to the US, but QR code usage was up more than 4,500 percent from the previous year. A company that monitors QR code usage called ScanLife reported that nearly 60 percent of the 20 million codes scanned this year were coming from America.
With statistics like those, it’s obvious that there is a huge advertising opportunity out there for you. There are several things to keep in mind when launching a Mobile Barcode campaign. First, the code should support a clear business goal such as creating new leads, increasing traffic or keeping current customers interested. The codes should also generate value for the user. Whether it’s a time saver or a money saver, the user should be able to quantify the value of using a mobile barcode.
You should never assume that your customers know how to use the codes, so always be sure to provide instructions and direct people where to find the appropriate apps. It’s also important to ensure that these codes are functional across a series of mobile devices. For example, the size should be big enough to be read by older smartphones. Testing is necessary to ensure that your mobile barcode is working correctly, and serving a goal.
Use your QR Code as a means to acquire conversions. Once you craft a thoughtful call-to-action, you can sit back and watch the customers come rolling in. By launching a mobile barcode campaign you are giving yourself an extra opportunity to reach people on the go. This is what makes these kinds of campaigns so unique.
There are multitudes of ways that you can use these codes to improve your conversion rates. In order to increase sales, include a QR Code on your website and link to a map to your place of business for easy directions. You can also use them to promote coupons and discounts.
You should also consider including QR codes with offers for customers to complete surveys. If you are seeking customer feedback, you often have to provide those people with an incentive, and you also need to make it easy for them. QR codes can log information quickly and bring them to a hyperlink extending special offers. You can use a similar approach in order to seek reviews on Google Places. In turn, those reviews can ultimately affect your conversion rates and ad ranks.
Another popular approach to take is adding a QR code to guide customers to product installation and help videos. This can help decrease the influx of calls, while still providing support for your customers.
QR codes play a huge role in increasing social network presence and ultimately brand/product awareness. Try using in-store QR displays that direct customers to your Facebook Fan page. These codes can appear anywhere from a stand-up display to a product catalog. Having that ready and available on-site will increase engagement in your online channels, while also promoting general awareness. You can also provide codes for people to check-in on Foursquare, another social networking site that allows people to share places or businesses that they have visited. These “check-ins” increase awareness of the businesses, and encourage friends to visit as well.
As QR codes become even more popular in America, you should consider using them on general advertisements to promote special offers, on Billboards to drive traffic to your business, on mail pieces to increase your leads, and on sales receipts to encourage customers to place future orders; that’s just the beginning. The easier you can make it for your customers to reach out to you, the more your business will succeed. You are reaching your customers while they are on the go and through their mobile devices. QR codes create a unique opportunity for you to reach consumers on that personal level. Now is the time to take advantage of this advanced technology to improve your business.