23 Mar 2010

PPC Scams – Be Careful Out There!

March 23, 2010PPC Advertising


scam alert

I ran across a company this week that promotes ‘Web Placement’. Here are some of the claims on their site:
  • Placing you on the top half of the page on Google search.
  • Get listed in Google in 5 days.
  • Getting placed on the first page on Google.
  • Etc
They also make sure they use the terms SEO and PPC on the same page and in the descriptions. They have a good looking site and to the novice site owner looking for a web presence, they sound pretty compelling.
But their real business model is this — they take your money and then run a few Pay Per Click ads that link to your site.   They don’t care how much they spend for the ads…they just promised that the ad would show up on the first page or on the top half of the page.  They may have thought they were getting SEO, but they are really just getting over priced PPC.
The customer doesn’t know how much they are paying per click or even how many times the ad shows up in a month.
And of course the customers ads will stop showing up as soon as they stop paying….no real SEO here.
So, how did we hear about the site? They contacted us to run their PPC campaigns for them…..they were doing such a poor job that Google was going to shut them down. Of course, we passed on that opportunity!
Be careful out there!
Here are some other points you may want to consider if you are shopping for PPC Management –
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