12 Jun 2012

Mobile App Ad Extensions Now on AdWords

June 12, 2012PPC Advertising

Google just announced that AdWords extensions for apps are now available, which will give you a way to reach your audience more seamlessly than ever. The Mobile Apps Extension works similarly to other extensions in AdWords. If you choose to add the app extension a small link will be included underneath the text of your ad where users can be prompted to download your app immediately. You can turn this on in the same menu where you have managed other extensions up to point. One notable difference is that this extension is currently only available on smartphones; no tablet devices at this time.
Visit the “Campaigns” tab in AdWords, then click “Ad Extensions”. Choose “Mobile App Extensions” from the “Ad Extensions” dropdown menu and specify your apps mobile operating system. Please note that if you use both Android and iOS as your operating systems, you’ll have to create two separate extensions to ensure the link works for all users. Next you’ll have to find your package name, which AdWords makes simple by providing a “Look up app” feature. Here you’ll be able to find your package ID so you can apply that and get things started. You will have 25 characters to attract users to download your app (“Get our app now”, “Download app”, etc.) and then you’ll add your app to the link. You have the ability to do this in Google Play or the App Store. Finally you’ll decide to which campaigns you want the app link applied, and then you’re good to go.
Users will now be able to have a direct link to download your app within the content of your ad. Additional information will also accompany the link which will be pulled directly from Google Play or the App Store. Customers will have the ability to see things like visuals, additional descriptive text, price, and rating.
Adding a link to an app not only gives your audience the opportunity to learn more about what you’re offering as a company, but it also lends credibility to your cause. If a potential customer sees that you have an app available, though they may not make a purchase on that day, they can download and visit back in the future. It gives you a chance to make that interaction less ephemeral, and that’s what you ultimately want. Provide yourself a way to stay in the hands of the beholder and your chances of making a conversion or sale down the road will increase dramatically.
You even have the ability to track these downloads as conversions. You can set up this option within your AdWords account. Visit the “Conversions” tab under the “Tools and Analysis” tab to ensure that you are receiving word when downloads occur and how that is effecting your rank, and more.
Use this opportunity to stay in line with the times, as well as staying close to your potential audience. You are putting recall and recognition into the palm of their hands which can only benefit you. Including access to an app will not only increase your potential to make sales, but it will also increase your relevance in a tech-savvy, fast-paced world.