18 Sep 2009

Landing Page Optimization Part 4 – The One Way Street

September 18, 2009PPC Advertising


one-way-street1One of the challenges in any business is to communicate with your prospects and clients on the appropriate level. 
It is very easy to forget that what seems obvious to the consultant may not be obvious to the client. (And they have the same problem with the consultant, what is obvious to the client regarding their business may take a while to become clear to us.
So what about the one way street landing page concept? Landing pages may act as a one way street in that you can navigate to the rest of the site from the landing page, but you can only get to the landing page by clicking on an ad.
So how is this helpful? Let’s say you have strong key words with a few synonyms. For example, Pay Per Click Management , Pay Per Click Consulting, Pay Per Click Agency.   You could try to weave a textual tapestry using all of those words a few times on one landing page or you can simply set up a separate landing page for each term.
The key to making this work is to not include the landing page in the normal navigation on the site (–or just include the landing page with the most productive of those keywords in the normal navigation).
That is the one way street part of the concept. Now before I started to understand web design a bit better, I didn’t realize you could do that…..and many clients don’t realize it when you first start presenting the idea of specialized landing pages to them.
Here is a brief example.   Let’s say as a PPC Consultant that I have a website that has three pages –A, B, C. Page A is the home page, Page B is the landing page, and Page C is the contact page. In the “one way street” landing page scenario you would create three landing pages that would take the place of Page B. Page B1 could be focused on the keywords around Pay Per Click Management. Page B2 could be focused around the key word Pay Per Click Consulting…..etc.  
In this one way street scenario, when a person clicks on the ad that focuses on Pay Per Click Consulting, they would be taken to Page B2 on the site. On the B2 Page, that person could navigate to Page A or C, but not B1 or B3. And that is the great thing about this…the targeted landing pages do their thing, but don’t make the site seem too busy or scattered
It’s a great win-win for the site owner and the PPC Manager. The site owner still has the site they have always wanted and the PPC Manager gets the targeted landing pages that create better traffic and quality scores!