15 Sep 2009

Landing Page Optimization Part 3 Marketing Call to Action

September 15, 2009PPC Advertising


order-nowIn Landing Page Optimization Part 2 we discussed the importance of keeping your landing page concise. In part 3, we’ll discuss including a marketing call to action.
A marketing call to action is exactly what it sounds like. It is an appeal to your visitor to purchase your product, fill in your information form, or perform some other action that you have deemed ‘conversion worthy’.   (I love Seinfeld. …).    Any sales professional will tell you that you always ask for the sale, and any interview coach will always say to ask for the job.   This is the webpage equivalent. You need to make it obvious to your visitor how to perform the task you would like them to perform and ask them to do it!
You want to avoid the used car lot look, but you do want to make the appeals obvious. Large fonts, different colors, arrows all work.
In a corollary to the 5 second rule, you need to make your desired action look as easy to complete as possible. Again, your visitor has a short attention span and if your information request form looks too daunting or if it asks for too much information, they will pass and go on to the next site.   Recent trends keep information request forms to 4 or 5 lines. Just the minimum you need to take the next step with your prospect.
Landing page flow is easier to conceptualize than to describe or coach, but we have all been on sites that flow easily and those that do not.   In general you want to use white space and bullets to get the primary goal of your landing page across quickly and smoothly.   Flow will be helped a great deal if you try to have one objective for your landing page. 
Here is a link to a great article on the subject of landing page design and flow:
In the next post I will talk about that "one way street".



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