10 Sep 2009

Landing Page Optimization Part 2 The Five Second Rule

September 10, 2009PPC Advertising


Do you know the Five Second Rule of Landing Page Optimization?
In Landing Page Optimization Part 1, we discussed designing landing pages that optimize PPC performance and the characteristics of those pages. We said they need to be concise, have calls to action, and flow easily. 
Today we’ll focus on the concise aspect of landing page optimization, and something I call the five second rule. You only have a few seconds to make an impression on a visitor and persuade them to give you a little more of their time. 
You know the ‘"five second rule" for dropped food…well this is a version of that.
Your webpage visitor is going to take about 5 seconds to decide if you have what they are looking for.   If you make them work too hard for it they will hit the back button and be gone. So, what does this mean for page design? Put your primary message above the fold and make it the most prominent thing on the page.   If possible, put your call to action above the fold as well. Or at least one of them.   Your visitors then immediately know that they can find the information they came for. This tends to make the visitor stay and browse around a bit before going back to the primary information goal….and that’s a good thing.
There are two important points to keep in mind:
First, this is a webpage that is designed to be a landing page for a PPC campaign. It’s not Wikipedia….that is what the rest of your site is for. The function of this page is to answer the need of the person who clicked on the ad.
Second, this does not necessarily mean you need to drastically change the design of your website.  Landing pages for your PPC campaigns can be the website equivalent of a one-way street. How? More on that in a later post.
In our next post we will talk about the other two aspects of a good landing page…calls to action and flow.