09 Sep 2009

Landing Page Optimization Part 1 – Overview

September 09, 2009PPC Advertising

 Landing page optimization is one of the "three legs to the stool" in the Google quality score battle ( the other two being keywords and ads) and it’s often the one that professional PPC managers have the least control over. 

First of all, my definition of a landing page is the web page that the person is directed to when they click your ad. Simple enough. 
The dilemma is that a typical business has a number of objectives for their landing page, only one of which is pay per click conversion results. They want their landing page to be informative, eye catching, maybe even entertaining, and basically reflect the image of the company. Yet, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising needs are different and often conflict with these objectives.   Landing pages for PPC advertising need to:
  • Be concise
  • Have clear calls to action
  • Flow easily
  • Reflect the keywords that brought the visitor to the page.
In the next post I will examine some of the PPC landing page objectives in a little more detail.