27 Mar 2014

How Do I Improve Adwords Performance in Just 10 Minutes? [VIDEO]

How can you improve your Adwords performance in just under 10 minutes? It actually pretty easy with our helpful Q&A video where our Director of Digital Advertising, Zach Etten, describes three Google Adwords reports to help optimize your account.


Hi, I’m Zach Etten, Director of Digital Advertising with Vertical Measures. Today, we’re going to talk about some quick tips that you can use to improve your AdWords performance in under ten minutes.

So often optimizers get bogged down in all the minutia of data and don’t really know where to go to find the most actionable data. There’s a few reports that you can use over and over again that will help you ultimately lower your cost per conversion and increase your lead volume.

Segment Data By Device

segment by device

The first report is segmenting your data by device. You can do this at the campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword level, and it allows you to see your data broken out by the device users searched on — computers, mobile, or tablets. From there, with Google’s enhanced campaigns, you can set bid adjustments for mobile devices, whether your mobile traffic performs better or worse than your computer and tablet traffic.

Segment Data by Day of the Week

segment by day of week

The second report is segmenting by day of the week. You can also find this at the campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword level reports within the AdWords interface. What this data will show you is how visitors performed based on the day of the week they clicked on your ad. What you’ll likely find is that there are certain days that perform significantly better or worse than other days of the week. You can then go into your settings and make bid adjustments for those days to either more aggressively or less aggressively target those visitors.

Segment Data by Hour of the Day

segment by hour of day

The third report is segmenting by hour of day. Just like the day of the week report, you can find this at the campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword level of the AdWords interface reports. This report, as you’d expect, segments your data by the hour of the day that visitors clicked on your ads. Just like day of the week, you can then make bid adjustments based on the hours of the day that perform significantly better or worse than other hours, so that you can more or less aggressively target that traffic.

Whenever you’re analyzing data, make sure that you have enough of it to make a good decision. The more you segment your data — for example, by hour of the day, you segment 24 times — the more data you’ll need to make a good decision.