15 Nov 2011

Google’s Pay Per Call Advertising Updates

November 15, 2011PPC Advertising

At this point, you are probably quite familiar with how bidding for ads works on AdWords. Now those bidding capabilities are transcending the click-through world and are being passed on to phone calls as well. By that, I mean that advertisers in the United States and United Kingdom can place bids to trigger more calls from campaigns using call extensions with call metrics.
Previously, whenever a call metrics number was dialed from a desktop or laptop device, the advertiser incurred a flat one dollar fee, or the equivalent of $1 US in another currency. Now, advertisers like you can pay a fraction more, or sometimes even the same amount, to both improve the position of your ads and drive more calls for your business.
In order to use this service, you can set a maximum bid per call at the ad group level. This maximum specifies a cap on how much you are willing to pay for each call that is generated from a desktop or laptop device. This maximum number, as well as your AdWords Quality Score, will be utilized to determine your ad’s rank on the Search Network. This factors into the principle that ads with higher ranks will generate more calls and clicks, and eventually produce higher return on investment.
Your Quality Scores for phone calls are measured apart from the Quality Scores that are associated with clicks. The existing “Phone-Through” rate (number of calls generated divided by number of times phone number appears with the ad) affects Quality Scores for phone calls, as well as other undisclosed factors.
When determining your maximum bid-per-call, please consider the value of those individual calls to your business. Bearing this in mind, be sure to measure how likely it is that a call will lead to an actual conversion because these bids can become pricey when you are paying individual dollar amounts for each call generated. Also, be certain that the daily budget you have allowed yourself in your AdWords account is higher than your total bids. If your bids out measure that allowance, they will not appear on the web at all.
The minimum bid-per-call is still $1 US, but you have ultimate control of how high you want to set the maximum. The bid-per-call service does not apply to calls generated from mobile devices. Those clicks will still be subject to the typical cost-per-click rates for the advertiser in question.
You can access information about the generated calls in your account by visiting the Campaigns and Ad Group Tabs in AdWords. Here you will be able to access a detailed breakdown of valuable call statistics such as costs, duration times, area codes, and the original ad groups which triggered the calls. This information can be used to optimize bids and improve your results.
If you believe that more phone interactions will lead to solid conversions, then you should consider taking advantage of this new offering. Investing in these calls up front could lead to higher ROI in the future. It is a matter of strategy, so consider the pros and cons of using this service before spending heavily.