21 Nov 2012

Google Product Listing Ads – Promotions

November 21, 2012PPC Advertising

The smartphone is undoubtedly a very important tool for consumers looking to do some shopping. At the touch of a finger, potential customers can browse review sites, get recommendations from their social networking buddies, peruse the web and even download apps to obtain information about their favorite retailers. With this in mind, you’ll need to be creative when grabbing the attention of these savvy shoppers.

Last month, Google made gaining a shopper’s interest, easier than ever. Retailers now have the ability to highlight specific promotions as part of their product listings on Google Shopping. This special promotion display helps make the ads pop, and can hopefully convince an online shopper to take a deeper look at what you have to offer. Even better, these promotions can extend past the Google Shopping platform, and onto other Google Properties like the mobile Google Maps apps, Google Offers and many more. This widespread representation gives you more opportunities to reach your audience at those perfect moments when they’ve shown interest in your product or service.

This service is currently available in the U.S., and the timing is right since the holidays are just around the corner. You can start adding promotions to your Google Shopping listings by visiting http://www.google.com/offers/business/promotions/. Here, you can explore how using the new tool can improve your ad’s performance and increase conversions. Not only will your ads stand out more, but you’ll also be able to drive customers directly to your storefront by utilizing resources like the Google Maps app. By giving customers an easy way to access your business, you are increasing your chances of making a sale. Promotions also offer the opportunity to track your sales in a detailed manner on Google Shopping. By assigning specific promo and redemption codes, you can see which ads are performing the best, and you’ll be able to track from where the majority of your traffic is being generated.

You can start building your promotions list by visiting the link above. Once you have created the appropriate offers, you will want to upload them to the Google Merchant Center. This is the same location where you have always managed your Google Shopping accounts. Here in the Google Merchant Center you will be able to designate the promotional redemption codes you would like to apply to your listings, for tracking purposes. This will prove valuable in the coming months as heavy shopping days like Black Friday, and the weeks leading to Christmas and Chanukah approach.

Google has reported that more than 25 well-known businesses have already begun utilizing the service. From popular clothing retailers like Tommy Hilfiger, Chico’s and Express, to those businesses offering more specialized goods like 1-800-Flowers and Guitar Center, they are all seeing the benefits of being able to track successful promotions and invite interested customers to their websites and storefronts. Google has announced that they have plans to expand this service to more businesses in the coming months. Now is a great time to start reaping the benefits of Google Promotions. You can easily increase your conversions and get a better grasp on just who is responding to your display ads online by building your promotions list today.