12 May 2011

Google Charging For Call Metrics

With the addition of phone extensions in AdWords, call metrics was a big plus. Not only is Google giving you extra ad space to display your phone number, they will also assign a custom Google Voice number and track calls back to your individual campaigns.  Call metrics is still under limited release to US advertisers only, however you can request access from Google here.

As we announced in a previous post about call metrics, this service was free but Google was intending on charging for it in the future. The word from Google is that they will begin charging for call metrics on or after May 16th. The price will be one dollar for each call, and with it will come better call statistic reporting including caller area codes.

Although Google's new pricing policy has not yet been formally announced, if you are currently using call metrics in AdWords here are some things to note. First, the $1 fee will only apply for calls from laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. When someone clicks the phone number in an ad on a mobile device you are charged the standard click price for the click-to-call. If you are using phone extensions without call metrics your phone number will only show for mobile devices.

Now that Google is charging for call metrics calls some action may need to be taken on your part. For example, you may need to create a separate campaign for your phone extensions so that you do not accrue charges for calls after business hours. This can be done easily by changing the ad serving settings for that campaign. Also, as a good habit, be sure to ask for the caller's email address on every phone call you receive. This is a great way to build your company emailing list, especially if Google's pocketbook grew as soon as the phone rang.