30 Nov 2009

Google AdWords Phishing Scam

November 30, 2009PPC Advertising

 Here is a great lesson on staying alert when answering emails. This one looks like it is from Google, and it asks you to verify your AdWords account. But it is actually a "phishing scam" that is trying to get your AdWords login information from you. Not only could they have a lot of fun with your AdWords account, but they would have access to the credit card information on that account.

Remember, companies like Google, Amazon, etc typically do not need you to verify information. Also, if you are suspicious, mouse over the links and see where they are actually going. In this case the link that displayed as https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin  actually pointed to the URL www.google-xc.com/accounts/ServiceLogin
That’s usually a dead giveaway that this email is fraudulent. Be careful out there!
Here is a copy of the email:

AdWords Phishing


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  • Juan Arias Dec 21, 2009


    I keep getting this alert, and are wondering if its a scam. I havent clicked on the link or verified anything with them. It looks “not real” to me. Thanks for this post!