21 Jun 2013

Google Adwords: Back to Basics – Campaign Settings

No matter how much you wish it were so, your AdWords campaigns don’t necessarily have minds of their own. Sure, there are other factors that play into the way your ads are displayed, but it is you who is the master of your campaign settings.

Don’t be afraid of committing to your campaign settings. The options that you select need not be permanent. You can always make the appropriate changes if your budget tends to fluctuate, or if you know that you may be expanding your business to new markets. New demographic segments can be targeted with the click of a few buttons.

There are several campaign settings to consider when crafting your online marketing plan. Make sure to start with the General Settings options. These ensure that your ads are relevant to the people who see them. This can be as basic as choosing a “Campaign Name”. Other general settings include selecting the “Campaign Type”, which will vary based on the overall goals of your online marketing efforts.

You will want to consider the actual physical locations of your potential customers. You can set your “Locations” settings to target specific countries, territories and more based on your offerings and where you’re most likely to turn conversions or increase your sales. You can set your “Languages” here as well. For example, only users who are set up to see ads in French will see them as such. This ensures that you aren’t wasting ad dollars on irrelevant clicks.

Next it’s time to think about HOW you want to reach your customers. Within the “Networks” setting, you’ll decide whether you want to advertise on the Search Network, Display Network or both. Setting the “Devices” on which you want your ad to display is your next step. Remember that if you’re working within Enhanced Campaigns, you’re automatically targeting all devices.

And then you deal with the money. Within your campaign settings you can set your “Bidding Option” and daily Budget” so you know exactly how much you’re spending on a given day. You have the option of Manual or Automatic bidding. For automatic, you’ll set a max CPC and let AdWords do the rest. For Manual, you’ll have to keep a much closer eye on your bids. This is also where you will determine your “Delivery Method”. Accelerated means that your ads will show as many times as they are triggered while standard will spread them out over time, if your budget has a threshold each day.

Once you have mastered your general Campaign Settings, take a gander at some of the more Advanced options. “Ad Extensions” allow you to include additional information about your business such as a phone number or location details. You can also use the “Schedule” setting to limit when you want your AdWords ads to appear between certain hours or on set days. If you are concerned that your ads may be appearing too frequently, you can adjust yourAd delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping” settings so that if you have multiple ads there are rotating on a regular basis and you aren’t bombarding potential customers with the same offers repeatedly.

Editing your campaigns is simple and your settings can be edited as often as you like. Once you’ve signed into AdWords, click your “Campaigns” tab. Choose “All Online Campaigns” from the menu, and then select the campaign you’d like to adjust by clicking its name. Next, click the “Settings” tab. Choose “Edit” next to any of the settings you’d like to update. Make sure to click “Save” after each of your changes to make sure the adjustments are made.