09 Aug 2011

Google +1 Button on AdWords

August 09, 2011PPC Advertising

This summer, Google introduced the +1 button, a tool by which readers can vote for content on the web that they particularly enjoy, or feel is good quality information. Even more recently this +1 button was extended to AdWords content as well, giving you and others the opportunity to vote and comment on ads for products and services that are interesting or helpful.

Let’s pretend you own an Italian restaurant in New York City. One client had a lovely dinner experience there last week, and afterward stumbled upon your ad for your restaurant. To recommend it to his contacts and peers, he pressed the +1 button. The next day, one of his contacts saw your ad and the notification that their friend has recommended this restaurant. After seeing that their friend had a nice time, they decide to make reservations for dinner through your website. This is just one example of how the +1 button can influence clicks and conversions.

By adding the +1 button to AdWords, Google is integrating personalized social endorsement to the ads. Similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, this new +1 tool helps to build credibility by allowing clients to give their own seal of approval to your ad. By recommending your ad they are also recommending your product or service, and spreading the word to their contacts that are now more likely to inquire more about what you have to offer through your ad. Your contacts include everyone in your Gmail or Google Chat list, everyone in your Google+ circles, people in your My Contacts Group in Google Contacts and anyone you are following in Google Reader or Google Buzz. Occasionally you will see recommendations from a person you may not know, and similarly someone who doesn’t know you might see one of your annotations. This further ensures that popular ads are granted the exposure they deserve.

In a general sense, the +1 button does not change the way ads are priced or how they are shown on the search results; however they can indirectly affect cost and Quality Score. The added recommendations should increase CTR of ads, thus increasing Quality Score. You know that the higher the quality score is, the lower the price charged by Google, which indicates that +1’s can have a very positive impact on cost as well.

You should be aware that you can lose +1 history if you are not careful with your PPC ad. Whenever someone clicks the +1 button, it is not connected to the PPC ad itself, but rather the destination URL that the ad is associated with. It is important to know that when you change the destination URL that is attached to an AdWords ad, that any +1 clicks that were awarded to that listing will be lost. You should never delete ads because this history will be lost completely. It is possible to pause the ads in order to keep history intact. This just means that the ad will still exist but will not appear on the Search Network during that time.

This new tool is changing the game for AdWords users like you. By adding the personalized recommendations, the rank of an ad depends less on the advertiser’s budget and more on the popularity of that ad to the people who actually use the products and services. This will help provide a more level playing field for smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of money to flood the marketplace with their ads. Now the underdogs have a chance to make their presence known by collecting clicks earned with high recommendation numbers. Start building your +1 numbers today!

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  • Sonoran Supposition Aug 10, 2011

    Wow… hadn't thought about it like that. Thought it was nothing more than Google trying to play catch-up to Facebook and Twitter. Definitely gonna do some serious poking around in my AdWords account.

    Also… love the site. Thanks, guys.