13 Sep 2011

AdWords Dimensions for Better Account Reporting

September 13, 2011PPC Advertising

Analyzing keyword performance can take a lot of effort. Many factors play a role in creating successful campaigns, and generating concise reports that are easy to understand is a key component of reaching your goals. The Dimension Tab in AdWords allows you to analyze factors of your ads’ performances by any dimension you choose, such as by ad group, by individual campaign or by your account as a whole. In a single report you are able to examine the data of your ad groups and campaigns by dimensions like time period, language and geographic region, just to name a few.
If you are unable to see the Dimensions tab on the Campaigns tab in your AdWords account, this means it has yet to be enabled. To view this tab and activate this helpful data organizer you will need to visit the drop-down menu located next to the last tab on your account (most often the Networks tab). From here, choose the “Dimensions” checkbox and then click the OK button to activate the tab. 
Within the tab you can begin to organize the way you view your data and stats. You have the ability to customize your statistics table by adjusting the dates, adding or removing columns, hiding or revealing deleted information or by filtering your report to see your most pertinent numbers.  You can also download these reports directly to your desktop by clicking the download report button from the Dimensions tab in your AdWords account.
One report available to you here is time segments. This allows you to compare your own performance based on a time period and see how click numbers stack up to each other on different hours, days, weeks and so on. This can be important information for you to keep in mind when choosing times to launch and run individual campaigns. If you see that your ads perform better on Friday evenings, you can modify your bids based on implied user response. This ultimately increases conversion rates and lowers cost for you, two things you need to maintain successful AdWords accounts.
More useful data is available to you under the Campaigns tab by using segments. Dimensions tend to measure performance across an entire campaign or ad group, so if you are looking at your performance on a regional report, you will see how ALL of your ads performed relative to another region in question. If you determine that users in St. Paul have a higher click through rate than those on the north side of Minneapolis, you can geographically modify where your ads run accordingly.
As for segmentation, this method will display your data in separate rows based on your view, either by campaign, ad group, or keyword. Depending on how you choose to examine other data at the time, it will fill in the table around the selection in view, whereas choosing dimensions will give you a look at your overall account performance. Ultimately, the way you choose to view your information is up to you, but the Dimensions tab can make otherwise overwhelming numbers easy to digest. Use these comparative tables as a tool to make informed decisions when choosing keywords, launch times and any hundreds of other choices when organizing your AdWords efforts.