13 Nov 2012

Bing Ads Advanced Location Targeting

November 13, 2012PPC Advertising

When it comes to PPC advertising, displaying highly relevant ads to potential customers is key. It’s not just the messaging that matters – demographic factors play can also play an integral part of defining and securing your audience. Geographic location is probably one of the first things that define a potential customer, so obviously it’s important to build your campaigns with this in mind. Thankfully, just a couple of weeks ago, Bing Ads announced that they would be releasing an enhanced system for targeting by location.

Bing AdsYou should be thrilled by this new offering, which will allow you not only to target potential customers by the places where they live, but you’ll also be able to reach those who have shown interest in a specific location through intent in their online search queries. This means that you can present your products and services to users who have searched for businesses by location. You’ll be broadening your potential target audience, and the best part is, you already know that they have shown interest in what you have to offer. This is a promising framework, which could result in more conversions for you over time.

Let’s say you are an auto mechanic advertising your services in the city of Lexington, KY. Of course you would want to attract customers with repair needs that already live in Lexington, but you probably want to be able to advertise to customers in smaller, surrounding towns as well. Now, if a customer from nearby Versailles is looking for a mechanic and they search for “Auto Mechanics Lexington, KY”, you can adjust your settings so that your ad will be displayed in response to a query of this nature. This ensures that you don’t miss out on the potential business from customers outside of the Lexington parameters who still have a need for what you’re offering.

To adjust these settings, visit the Advanced Location Options tab in your Bing Ads account. First you will set the location that you want to include or exclude. For this example, you would choose to include, City: Lexington, KY. Next, you have the option of choosing whether you only want to “show ads to people in the targeted location” or if you want to “show ads to people in, searching for or viewing pages about your targeted location.” By choosing the latter, you are showing your ads to both those customers existing within a physical location as well as anyone who has shown intent toward that location through their various search queries, regardless of their physical location.

It is important to know that this new feature is an add-on to the already existing setting that allowed you to display your ad to users across the globe based on their website visiting history. If you already had this setting selected in your Bing Ads account, then your ads will automatically be susceptible to display based on search queries with location intent. If you want to change this setting so that only users within a certain physical location will see your ads, then you will need to visit your Advanced Locations Options tab and make the appropriate changes. Regardless, it’s a wise plan to review your current settings to see how this new enhancement may effect the operation of your ad groups and campaigns.

To accompany this enhancement, Microsoft is also providing souped-up reporting features. Visit the Geographical Location Report located under “Targeting” in order to gain a better understanding of the search queries that are prompting your ads. New location fields will help you see where your target audiences exist in both the physical and query related senses. Within the report Attributes, you’ll be able to identify which options are new because you’ll see the words “(searching for)” next to those selections. Use these new reporting features to gain a stronger sense of your audience as well as where your heaviest traffic is generated.

This enhancement is available in Bing Ads markets worldwide. Take advantage of these powerful geographic targeting tools to broaden your audience and display relevant ads to those who are already seeking your goods and services.