30 Aug 2011

Benefits of Google +1’s

August 30, 2011PPC Advertising

Google recently introduced their +1 Button as a way to personalize content on the web. Google’s answer to Facebook’s “like” button provides a way for people to recommend websites to contacts in their circles. Now that button has been expanded past the main search page, and has been added as a feature to recommend content within sites (not to mention the feature is now three times faster than it initially was, it has been rolled out internationally and is currently available in 40 languages.) Now you can show your support of that T-Shirt design that you love on your favorite clothing site, or give props to a promotion that gives you a great discount on domestic flights from a travel focused webpage.
This new +1 Button feature is giving you the opportunity to personalize your ads so that people are aware when their friends like someone that they see while scanning the web. Google believes that this feature will improve ad response by adding another dimension of credibility. If a friend has given their seal of approval to your ad by pressing the +1 Button, the hope is that their buddies will also become converted. This multiplies your business without any added work on your end.
By adding the button to your site, you are leaving the marketing to social networking, and in a digital world that is ruled by sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, this new addition makes perfect sense. The +1 Button makes it easier for people to find relevant, recommended content. This in turn helps increase your conversions and overall ROI of your AdWords campaign. The +1 Button is nothing but beneficial to users like you who are trying to up their online credibility and gain new business.
Adding the +1 Button to your ad or site is a simple task. All you need to do is choose your desired size (there are four options available at this time: small (15px), medium (20px), standard (24px) or tall (60px)), and grab a snippet of code to apply it to your page. This code can be found on the following website: http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/.

Once you have selected the code, you then have the option to put the +1 Button wherever you like on your site. You are the most familiar with your pages and the messages you are trying to convey to your readers and customers, so go with your gut on where you think the most effective placement can be. Google offers the recommendations of putting the button near the title, near sharing links and above the fold of a page. You can choose to use multiple +1 Buttons on each page, so feel free to put them at the beginning and end of item descriptions or stories to draw the most positive feedback possible.

The +1 Button also incorporates annotations for an even more user-customized experience. Annotations are additional scripts and pictures that show the face of friends who have +1’ed the content. These annotations can appear whenever a person hovers over that button on a page, or it can appear inline with the button. The code has to be updated, however, to take advantage of the second option mentioned above. Users that are signed in to Google+ will see the annotations of people in their circles, people that they have communicated with in Gmail or Google Chat, people in their “My Contacts” list and people they follow on Google Reader and Buzz.
In short, the +1 Button is a great tool for you to use to build a reputation online and strengthen the presence of your content. Adding this feature is a no-brainer for anyone who is looking to increase their ROI on an AdWords campaign. Do yourself a favor and add the code snippets to information you want to share online. Once one person gives it their click of approval, more are bound to follow. Success is only a few +1’s away.