13 Jul 2011

All About Ad Extensions

July 13, 2011PPC Advertising

Not long ago, Google rolled out their “Ad Extension” features for AdWords. “Ad Extensions” provide additional information such as text, links and sometimes images that accompany AdWords ads to increase the relevance and ultimately CTR. Since their inception, the variety of Ad Extensions has been widened to include Location Extensions, Product Extensions, Sitelinks and Call Extensions.
Location Extensions are helpful for connecting the business to its message by really localizing the ads. Advertisers can link AdWords to their Local Business Center, which enables the ad to run in appropriate markets. It directly connects a geographic place to the online message. Relevant location is important for people browsing the web; they are much more likely to visit the website of a business that they know is easily accessible.
Product Extensions give users the opportunity to use their Google Merchant Center to feature specific products in their search ads. When a search query matches information found within an advertiser’s Google Merchant Center, their ad is highlighted with product images, additional text about the featured item and the price. These are all located in a plus box that appears when the ad is triggered. This way customers can see the product and know the price before choosing to read more about it.
Another valuable extension are Ad Sitelinks, because they allow users to include additional links to describe their product, service, location or other pertinent information that supports the ad. AdWords decides whether or not to present the additional links with the ad based on a search query and its keyword matches. It is important that these links remain true to the integrity of the ad to ensure that quality score is not affected. For more on the advantages of Sitelinks, see Sitelinks: Better Branding and Response Rates.
Finally, Call Extensions make it easier to implement a call to action by providing customers with the business’s direct phone line. This also makes it easier to track how effective AdWords campaigns can be, based on the response from customers who see the ad online and then choose to call. Call Extensions are especially helpful in campaigns targeted to mobile devices. Users can click-to-call instead of viewing the website in their mobile browser. Read more on call metrics to ensure that you have correctly set up this helpful feature.
Ad Extensions were created with the advertiser’s success in mind. Since Ad Extensions launched, users claim to have seen an average of a 30 percent increase in click-through rates, and a better response to ad campaigns overall. It’s no surprise; making customer to business contact more comprehensible is a struggle that so many advertisers face today. Ad Extensions are something every user should take advantage of to ensure that they are reaching their intended audience, and getting most out of every click.