10 Oct 2012

Adwords Updates: Ad Rotation Settings and Impression Share Date

October 10, 2012PPC Advertising

It seems like Google is having trouble making up their minds in regards to settling on guidelines for AdWords ad rotations.  I’m sure you remember the recent hubbub that arose when Google eliminated their “Rotate Indefinitely” option in AdWords. With the negative feedback in regards to losing this option, Google decided to bring the feature back. This is not the only tweak that AdWords recently announced – they are also planning on making some changes to their share metrics within the interface.

Adwords Ads Rotate Indefinitely

In a recent blog released by Google, they outlined how the updated “Rotate Indefinitely” option would function. They stated that by choosing to run your ads in this manner, you are risking the chance that more expensive ads with lower performance numbers could possibly display just as often as the more successful ones. For this reason, Google states that they don’t always recommend choosing this option. That said, they understand that you may have your own reasons to run your campaigns as such, and they want to at least allow you to make your decision.

You’ve been given fair warning, so now you’ll probably want to know how to change those settings in your AdWords account, and how this affects the appearance of the interface. Be aware that Google is also removing the “opt-out” forms that you completed in order to keep your ads from displaying at an even rate for future ads. You will no longer get this notification up front upon creating a new campaign. Any of the ads that you previously decided to place on a “Rotate evenly” schedule will now be changed to the “Rotate indefinitely” option toward the end of this month. When you are creating new campaigns, you will be able to set the rotation schedule of your ads by visiting the “Settings/Advanced” tab in AdWords, and choosing the option for which you would like them to operate.

As for the impression share metrics and those adjustments that I mentioned earlier, you should start seeing these changes come into play in early November. You will now have access to new columns within the interface which will allow you to analyze search and display impression share separately. You will be able to look at your ad coverage in close detail with the ability to analyze ad coverage and performance at an hourly level. Not to mention, you will have a series of new filters and comprehensive charts so you can have a more hands on approach to your campaigns at the ad level.

As these changes begin to filter into the interface, Google plans to retire existing historical impression data. Plan ahead to download reports before November 1st, 2012 if there is anything you want to be able to reference later. In early November, you will still have access to historical IS data in the system going back to Oct. 1st, 2012. However, by February 2013, Google intends to retire the previous columns entirely. The good news is, you have plenty of time to acquire your historical data, and moving forward you will be able to access your numbers from a cleaner, more advanced online database.

Use this opportunity to get familiar with an updated system, but as Google has shown us in the past, it’s only a matter of time before new guidelines and features come into play. Staying on top of the latest updates and adjusting your campaigns often is the best way to stay ahead of the curve. Playing close attention to detail should be a necessary precaution to take when choosing how you want your ads to display on the General Display Network. Don’t wait until it’s too late to visit that “Settings/Advanced” tab in your AdWords account.