24 May 2011

AdWords Landing Page Policy Changes

Last week Google began enforcing three new landing page requirements for AdWords advertisers. These are specific to websites that collect payment, financial, or personal information from website visitors. Neglecting to be in compliance could result in low quality scores, higher click costs, or possible ad suspension.


In an effort to help protect personal and financial information of search users, Google is requiring that advertisers update their website privacy policy and make it accessible before any personal information is submitted. This applies for advertisers collecting information such as: name, email, phone number, address, birth date, credit card numbers, etc.


Simply, the privacy policy must openly disclose how the collected information will be used and how customers can opt out. It must also provide contact information for your company if anyone has a question regarding your privacy policy as well as information of where they can find updates and changes. Lastly, an SSL certificate is required for all pages where financial information is collected. For more information visit the Inside AdWords Blog.


The goal is to better protect people’s personal information and improve the transparency and security in transactions between AdWords advertisers and search users. This may be a headache getting in compliance if your website is not already. The advantage, however, is that you will be better instilling trust in your web visitors and helping to protect their personal data. You also won’t be at risk for having your ads be affection by being in noncompliance.


 If you have questions regarding Google’s new landing page policies please post them below…