20 Mar 2013

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: An Intro

Searching for weekend plans on your office PC, browsing businesses near you when you’re killing time downtown between meetings, browsing news stories on your tablet at your local coffee shop – Does this sound like you? It probably does, if you’re one of the 90% of people who move between mobile devices and desktop computers to browse the web on any given day. Technology is changing the way that consumers behave, and for advertisers, only the savvy survive. Thankfully, AdWords is making it easier for you to manage your accounts and display your ads to the on-the-go, multi-tasking customers out there today.

If you are a clothing retailer, chances are that you’ll want to display a different ad to user who is searching for online clothing sales from their home laptop versus someone who is browsing on their phone, just blocks away from your flagship storefront. The potential customer browsing on their home laptop may be enticed to visit your site by a special promo code, whereas the person in the approximate vicinity of your physical store may need a phone number, address or information about an exclusive in-store sale. Before, it was difficult to manage multiple ads and advertising messages, but today AdWords Enhanced Campaigns makes it easy for you to organize your online marketing efforts all from one place. AdWords is once again helping you to reach various customers in ways relevant to their browsing behaviors, geographical locations and much more.

For starters, AdWords Enhanced Campaigns gives you the tools necessary to reach consumers regardless of the time of day, or where they are located geographically. You can carefully adjust your bids so that you can obtain desirable positions across a number of devices, during different times of the day and so on. Enhanced Campaigns makes it easy to manage these bids accordingly so that you can drive your customers effectively. For example, if you’re a restaurant that only does lunch and dinner, you can bid lower for advertisements that will run during morning hours, and you can bid for better positions during heavy traffic times for your business. This is just one example of how you can increase sales without wasting money on useless clicks.

To elaborate, Enhanced Campaigns allows your ads to be pre-optimized so you don’t have to create hundreds of different ads for any one campaign. You already know that someone looking for a restaurant could mean that they have an immediate need for your services. In this circumstance you may want to include a click-to-call number or an address so they can contact you directly or find your nearest location. If they are searching from home, you may want your ad to take them to a delivery menu. Any number of scenarios can trigger ads, but by carefully applying your settings in Enhanced Campaigns, your account will know when to trigger the relevant ads based on time of day, device, location or any other factor you choose.

When it’s time to analyze your ads performance over a period of time, Enhanced Campaigns offers data you haven’t been able to see before now. Enhanced Campaigns tracks the number of times your app has been downloaded by users as well as the number of phone calls you have racked up as a result of a click to call extension. Having these numbers available gives you a sense of what influences your customers to convert. You can then integrate this data with other sales-driving information to come up with powerhouse campaigns that boost your ROI, and save you CPC money over time.

Enhanced Campaigns are set to launch as an option later this month, with all existing AdWords accounts being upgraded later this year. The Enhanced Campaigns feature is meant to save you time and money, while increasing awareness of your business for potential customers.