07 Dec 2012

Adwords Airport Targeting

December 07, 2012PPC Advertising

With the holidays come many things, among the most important being indulgent shopping sprees and travel plans. With that in mind, you have to be strategic about how to reach those customers on the go. Sure, there have always been ways to reach them through mobile ads, but were you were aware that there is a new targeting feature specifically for airports? Google recently released “airport targeting,” so catching your traveling customers is easier than getting through airport security was 20 years ago.

Smartphones and tablets have become a basic necessity for travelers across the world. In fact, a recent survey conducted by USA Today stated that 37% of travelers have switched from laptops to tablets due to their compact and versatile nature. Significantly more of those people surveyed (82% to be in fact) claimed that they never travel without a smartphone. And why would they? Today people use smartphone applications to check on flight deals, schedules, to retrieve their boarding passes, and much more. This information reveals a huge opportunity for you to reach your bustling customers this holiday season.

Once you activate this airport targeting feature within your AdWords account, you will have the ability to reach customers in airports across the world on your mobile devices, as well as desktops (if the airport is mentioned as a place of interest). Since the launch, airport targeting has become available for more than 350 airports internationally, and Google anticipates that this list will grow in coming years. To apply this feature, you will need to visit your Campaigns tab, and adjust your targeting settings. You will need to spell out the full name of the airport, as well as the country in which it is located. If that is unsuccessful, try entering the official airport code.

Airport targeting gives you insight into the very specific physical location of your customer. You can use this to offer travel and entertainment opportunities for people on their vacations. If you are a restaurant or offer a unique service for tourists, consider this your bread and butter. This is a great way to deliver relevant ads to the travelers already in need of your goods or services.

Many advertisers also use airport targeting as an opportunity to promote their mobile apps. Because people dedicate so much of their attention to their mobile devices during travel time, this is a chance to grasp their interest which in turn, hopefully results in more traffic and sales later on. Recent findings by Google show that nearly 30% of people are planning to purchase a smartphone for themselves or a loved one this holiday season. More smartphones mean more app downloads, so implementing an airport targeting campaign sometime during the next month could mean significant new app users for you. Creating ads with “Click to Download” app links, and utilizing mobile app extension features can help to boost downloads over the next month or so.

Using airport targeting is a great way to build your brand and implement new messaging tactics to holiday travelers. Frequent mobile browsing also means that you’ll have plenty of time to drive brand recall and recognition. If people see your ad come across their mobile device multiple times, you are more likely to drill your product or service into their brains. Maybe eventually they click, or make a purchase.

If you want to measure the effectiveness of your airport targeted campaigns, you can visit the “Dimensions” tab to access geo-targeted performance reports. From this tab you will be able to measure the data in one of two ways, but Geographic Location (customers’ physical locations or places of interest deduced from Google searches/maps) or by User Location (only their physical locations). By pulling the reports you should be able to get a sense about where you’re most active customers are concentrated.