18 Oct 2011

Advertising Your Business on Twitter

October 18, 2011PPC Advertising

Twitter has lived by the motto less is more, and today marketing professionals are starting to see that 140 characters can go a long way in advertising. Currently, the Twitter advertising platform is in beta with only a small selection of advertisers. Sign up to be notified when Twitter ads launch for all advertisers.

With an estimated 21 million active users, it's safe to say that you may be one of the many who use Twitter to follow your favorite restaurants or catch up on the snippets that your most admired celebrities are sharing. Twitter has taken note about what audiences want, and now the company’s plan is to cash in.

In 2010, Twitter gave marketing professionals a leading edge when they introduced their promoted tweets program. Based on keyword searches, promoted tweets would appear at the top of search results as a way to gain extra exposure for the companies who were paying on a CPM basis for these coveted positions.

If you are a Twitter user, you may have realized your favorite companies were giving a significant push to gain new followers this past summer. That is because in July, Twitter upped this program again by giving you the ability to target these promoted tweets so to reach audiences that were already followers of your brands on the site.

In addition to using targeted promoted tweets, you can reach people outside of their audience on the site as well. You can opt to buy tweets that will show up on non-audiences home pages, but the ad will not stay in a stationary position. It will eventually make its way down the feed just like any other tweet in their network.

A recent blog from the company shared that these promoted tweets have expanded past only the Twitter search results page and can be reached in many other ways on their site. Now, a promoted tweet may be seen whenever a user clicks on a promoted trend. In some cases, a user may see one of these tweets appear on their Home Timeline, that is, if the tweet is somewhat relevant to the user based on another brand they follow, or something they may have mentioned on the site themselves.

These promoted snippets are also spreading like wildfire across other official Twitter clients such as desktop and mobile device applications like Twitter for iPhone, or on the ever-so-popular TweetDeck, an app that gives users the ability to streamline tweets to be broadcast across an array of social networks. Some of the these promoted products are also being syndicated to a select number of third party clients, such as HootSuite, with plans to expand further in similar markets in the coming months.

One of the big differences in this form of advertising however, is that the ultimate choice of where these promoted tweets make appearances are made by the people at Twitter. You can choose your keywords, but the targeting pretty much ends there. Twitter uses a variety of other criteria to reach users the way they deem fit, which can still very much be to your benefit.

Interestingly enough, Twitter has created a new pricing model for advertising on their site known as Cost-Per-Engagement, or CPE. This CPE means that you pay every time a person retweets, clicks, replies to or “favorites” your initial promoted tweet. This pricing model is likely to spur many similar systems for other social networks in the near future.

Since this is still a growing concept, it is likely that we will see new ways to target these tweets by demographics such as geography, age and more. Because of its simple platform, mobility and versatility you should expect to see Twitter reach people in new ways that some of the other social networks have yet to master. Now is a great time to get on board.

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