Noelle Schuck’s Speaker Bio

As the Senior Director of Content at Vertical Measures, she oversees a team of talented content managers, strategists and designers.

Noelle is also a trainer on behalf of Vertical Measures and travels the country teaching the half-day digital marketing workshops.


Past Presentations

  • Digital Summit Atlanta – “SEO, Meet HEO: Search Engine Optimization vs Human-Eye Optimization”
  • Digital Summit Denver – “SEO, Meet HEO: Search Engine Optimization vs Human-Eye Optimization”

Areas of Expertise

As the senior director of content and a lead digital marketing strategist at Vertical Measures, Noelle can speak to a number of topics related what we do. Her presentations can be tailored for a specific audience or industry. These are some of Noelle’s favorite topics to speak about:

  • Strategy: 7 key elements of a digital marketing strategy
  • Creation: Writing and editing content for your audience (not for your boss)
  • Creation: Tips for creating content your audience will love
  • SEO: Optimizing content so search engines and your audience find it
  • Governance: Creating content workflows that get sh*t done and avoid bottlenecks

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Upcoming Presentation and Workshop Calendar

Event Location Date
Digital Summit Salt Lake City, UT May 2-3
Digital Summit Atlanta, GA May 22-23
Digital Summit Minneapolis, MN August 27-28

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