05 Oct 2011

The Secret Life of an Internet Marketing Strategist

October 05, 2011Miscellaneous

Getting to know you

This version of the Vertical Measure’s staff interviews sheds some light on Sarah Schager, who poses as an Internet Marketing Strategist by day and an adventurist by weekend.

Ardala: We hear you engage in quite a few dangerous hobbies, and even got certified for one of them. What are they?

Sarah: I recently obtained my advanced scuba certification, and am in love with it. So far I’ve gotten the opportunity to swim with a Sea Turtle, Bull Shark, Green Moray Eel, and explore a few shipwrecks. Scuba diving is peaceful, amazing, and literally opens up a whole new world. Sarah Schager Vertical Measures Internet Marketing Strategist

Ardala: Where did this adventurism come from?

Sarah: I’m not exactly sure where I get it from, but I seem to have an endless need for adventure. I guess you could say my other “dangerous hobbies” would be riding my dirt bike, caving, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. Although my favorite (and typically less dangerous) hobby will always be basketball.

Ardala: Any plans to learn more hazardous hobbies in the near future?

Sarah: Of course! I plan on doing more skydiving, taking up canyoneering, learning how to surf, and one day I will race in the Baja 500!

Ardala: Describe yourself in three words.

Adventurous, Loyal, Inquisitive

Ardala: It seems you like to play jokes on people in the office. Tell us about that.

Sarah: I’ve loved pranks since I was little. I’m definitely the prankster in my family and group of friends. I just love to laugh! One of my favorite pranks my girlfriends and I pulled off was going over to our friend’s apartment when he wasn’t home, taking his furniture, and setting it up at his mom’s house….on her front lawn.

Ardala: Hmm, yes. Moving items from one location to another seems to be your M.O. I’ve seen you in action, very impressive. If you could have one super power or talent bestowed upon you, what would it be?

Sarah: Flying! I’m a wanderluster. Just like my strong desire for adventure, I always have an itch to explore a new place. If I could fly I could go anywhere, at anytime. Either that, or the power to heal the sick. Do I really only get one?

Ardala: Well, ah, maybe, I’ll work on that. Anyway…

Tell us about the awesome university you attended and what you majored in. Not that I’m trying to play it up at all just because I might have graduated from the same fine institution.

Sarah: Go Sun Devils!

Ardala: Whoop!

Sarah: I attended Arizona State University and majored in Business & Communications.

Ardala: What are some interesting facts about you that we probably don’t know?

Sarah: I have hiked to the most remote village in the United States. When I was 5, I drew a picture of Splinter and the state newspaper published it. I can cook 17 minute cookies in 10 minutes. Sharks have a week dedicated to me. I once beat Super Mario Brothers in less than an hour. Growing up I was the only girl on my undefeated basketball team, and I was the team captain. I could live off of cereal. Cats are jealous of my reflexes.

Ardala: What path led you to internet marketing?

Sarah: Shortly after graduation, I accepted an administrative job at an internet marketing company. I enjoyed my marketing classes at ASU, and figured it was a good place to start. I had no prior knowledge of SEO, so I began researching and reading blogs online. I quickly took an interest in the field and asked my boss if I could help with some of the work. I picked it up pretty quickly, and they promoted me to a link builder. From there I basically taught myself social media, reputation management, local search marketing, content marketing, and much more. I continue to learn more, and expand my skill set, everyday working here at Vertical Measures.

Ardala: Working on the internet, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen?

Sarah: The first thing that comes to mind is all of the strange questions I find people asking on the internet. Part of my job is to research industry related questions on Q&A sites such as YahooAnswers. Here are two of the most recent ones I’ve come across:



Ardala: What is your biggest pet peeve about social media?

Sarah: My biggest pet peeve about social media is also my favorite thing about social media: it’s always changing.

Ardala: You are quite savvy with Facebook marketing. What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to a company?

Sarah: It’s simple: it’s not about you. It’s about your customers and what they want. For example, on Facebook, when you go to post for your business, remember the only way the post will be successful is if the fans are getting something out of it. There has to be something in it for them. They should be either learning something new and interesting, entertained, or getting some sort of discount.

Ardala: What do you enjoy most about working here at Vertical Measures?

Sarah: The leadership, the people, and the fun environment. I strongly believe one of the most important things in any company is the leadership. Vertical Measures has strong leaders that I’m proud to work for. I also believe that “the people make the place”, and the people here make it an enjoyable place to work!

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  • Ellie Kurz Oct 05, 2011

    LOVE to know you are a prankster. =)