14 Apr 2010

Getting to know you: Sarah Moraes

In the second edition of our monthly Vertical Measures employee interview series, I sat down with sales and marketing coordinator Sarah Moraes to find out more about VM’s cover girl. In this chat, we discuss Sarah’s athletic background, what attracts her to the marketing field and why folders are an integral part of her personal organizational strategy.
Michael Schwartz: There’s only one appropriate way to start this interview. You are the cover girl of Vertical Measures. What did you do to earn this distinction and how honored are you to be known thusly?
Sarah Moraes: Well, let’s see. That was like my first week at Vertical Measures that we did that, and I really didn’t want to argue with the office my first week, so I allowed them to use my picture. I was flattered that they thought that I was worthy of being on the first page.
Michael: Is that a career highlight?
Sarah: Absolutely a career highlight. I now list that as one of my responsibilities on my resume that I have the duty of being the cover girl of Vertical Measures. That’s actually the only bullet point on my resume at this point for this position.
Michael: What has it done for your modeling career?
Sarah: It’s taken it to new lows. I’ve been fired from all my agencies.
Michael: Why do you like working at VM?
Sarah: Because I learn something new every day, and it’s a fun environment. Everyone’s fun to work with, and I enjoy learning new stuff. It’s never dull.
Sarah Moraes today.Michael: You were a four-sport athlete in high school, as well as a cheerleader. Tell us about your athletic prowess back in the glory days.Sarah Moraes at 17.
Sarah: Yeah, I mean I was a champion really, and I still consider myself a champion. I love sports, I love being outdoors. I’m very proud of my athletic background. I still have all of my trophies and ribbons from when I was in third grade and ran track. I peaked when I was about 16, and I’m looking forward to another prime probably at around 26. I’m definitely in a slump right now.
Michael: Sarah, what do you have to say to the critics that say you were on the juice back in high school?
Sarah: No comment. I’m a champion.
Michael: What does your championship background have to do with your Twitter handle, @Running4It?
Sarah: Well, my philosophy in life is that I’m running for everything, and I always try to put a cause behind my running as inspiration. For example, I run in the Susan G. Komen race for the Cure every year and this week I’m running in the Pat Tillman Race, and even when I’m just out for a run on my own, I’m running for me, for my health and happiness.
Michael: What attracts you to the marketing field?
Sarah: I just think it’s a fun industry. I probably started to get into marketing when I was young. My dad’s been in marketing for 35 years. It’s in my blood. I’m still learning a lot. This is the new kind of marketing, and I think it’s the way things are going, so that’s really exciting. I still enjoy conducting traditional marketing and still think it’s necessary and relevant. I also enjoy being able to share my creative ideas and actually see them come into fruition, especially working for Vertical Measures, a company that’s so open to trying new things. It’s definitely been rewarding.
Michael: Now the one big blemish on your record is that you spent four years at a particular rival of mine, ASU. Why in the world did you willingly choose to attend Arizona’s Second University?
Sarah: Well, the first thing that really attracted me to ASU was the palm trees, and the warm weather. That is why I spent four years at ASU. Palm trees and warm weather and that I could wear sandals to class 365 days of the year.
Michael: I understand you still have your tan from school.
Sarah: I still have my tan from college, it hasn’t worn off yet. Totally.
Michael: On a related subject, what are some of your catchphrases?
Sarah: My favorite catchphrases are “right on,” “that’s legit” and “absolutely.” “Most definitely” is also a new one.
Michael: You spent almost two years at the Martz Agency doing PR work before coming to VM. How do you incorporate PR in your current position?
Sarah: Well, now basically you take it from being on the phone with reporters and reaching out, to just taking it online. We do blogger outreach, social media, online reputation management, and it’s conducting PR just online in the digital world.
Michael: One fun fact I have learned about Sarah in my time working with her is that she enjoys making copious amounts of folders for her folders. What is it about folders that helps you stay so organized?
Sarah: Everything has a place. I don’t feel that you can fully work to the best of your ability and efficiently unless you have a file system for both your papers, your e-mail and for your files themselves. Files need files, folders need folders. It’s how I got to where I am today.
Michael: You have been involved with many of the fun/linkworthy projects we have done here at VM. What do you think is the key to a successful linkworthy piece of content?
Sarah: I think the key to a successful linkworthy project is kind of like you mentioned in your webinar the other day with a man who needs no introduction, Arnie Kuenn. It has to be something that you would find interesting, too. Your audience isn’t going to think it’s fun and interesting unless you do. It has to be different, it has to have a hook to it, it has to make people laugh, and it needs to be intriguing. It either has to provide value, new information, or be something people will refer to like an infographic, or just be downright funny.
Michael: So I hear that people around the office refer to you as “Smoares.” How did that nickname come about?
Sarah: I think that we should change up the interview and I should be asking you this question, Michael. Let’s turn the tables here for a second.
Michael: Well, Sarah, I believe it all started in the early days of your time here at VM when you told me that Patty Adams sometimes calls you Smoares. Then I thought back to my days at sleepaway camp and remembered how much I enjoyed eating graham crackers with toasted marshmallows in the middle. The rest is history.
Before we go, I’ve got time for one more question. Before acting in the Vertical Measures internship video, you started your illustrious career in the YouTube hit DJ Dating. Do you still aspire to one day be a professional actress?
Sarah: Yes, I actually already consider myself a professional actress. Do you disagree?
Michael: (Cowering away in fear) Let’s just say I was more than a little scared when I saw that marshmallow gun in your hand during the shooting of the internship video.