Mike Huber’s Speaker Bio

Mike is the Senior Director of Business Strategy and Education for Vertical Measures.

He has been involved in advertising and marketing for most of his career. Starting out in newspaper advertising, Mike has seen the transformation of traditional advertising to digital.

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Past Presentations

  • The 8-Step Formula to Content Marketing Success (Half-Day Workshop)
  • From Failure to Success With Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Quick Start
  • Discover 100’s of Powerful Content Ideas
  • Optimizing Your Content – The Basic Fundamentals of Future Proofing Your Site

Areas of Expertise

Mike is a leading expert in his field and speaks to a variety of internet marketing disciplines including the topics below. Presentations can be tailored to a specific industry depending on the type of speaking engagement and audience in attendance.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing Strategy & Development
  • Conversion Rate, Traffic & Revenue Growth
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Hub & Spoke
  • Content Ideation

Past Speaking Engagements

For the past 20 years, Mike has been involved in online marketing, developing extensive PPC programs, organic SEO tactics and content marketing programs resulting in significant traffic growth, improved conversion rates and revenue increases for clients.

Mike has a strong background in organization, training, process engineering, team inception and development, new media and organizational development.

Mike & Rand

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Upcoming Presentation and Workshop Calendar

Event Location Date
Digital Summit Kansas City, KS May 17-18
Digital Summit Tampa Bay, FL August 9-10
Digital Summit Minneapolis, MN August 23-24

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