Making Your Website Prom Queen with Link Popularity

As if the pressure of being popular in highschool wasn’t enough, now website owners have to worry about making sure their site sits well with the ‘in’ crowd, namely the search engines. This has everything to do with link popularity which is merely a way to measure a number of inbound links coming to a website. It is becoming more and more of an important aspect for search engines as they sift through the mountains of data looking for relevant information that comes to the web on a daily basis.

It used to be that having a vast number of links was enough to increase page rank. However, as technology and the web have progressed, so has the criterion for creating and having links that will be considered valid. Linking for the sake of linking will no longer increase a website’s page rank. In fact, it just may get that website not only dropped from the rankings but get it labeled as a spammer and shutdown.

The issue of link popularity is complicated and hotly debated. The deepest secrets of link popularity remain with the search engines; however, techniques that seem to work well are available to help websites increase their page rank. Certain nuances may change but standards seem to stay the same as this popular method for delivering relevant search results becomes stronger over time.

Since having to few links to your sight can get it overlooked by search engines and having too many can get a site dropped, the secret in building link popularity seems to lie in creating balance between the two. Links need to be not only reciprocal (links that lead back and forth) but also relevant to the site they are linking to.

Not only will the link need to be relevant, the information on the website that creates the link will need to be relevant also. Technology has gotten around those who tried to fool search engines by linking their site about small-block engines to those about nasal spray. Search engines now have the ability to search the content of a website and whether or not the information on it can be deemed valid to the site it is linked to.

Linking to one site of great importance or relevance can be just as important as linking to 10 meager sites with little information. Sites rich in content and full of relevant information are now a very important part of achieving a high page rank. This is why writing and linking sites to ezine articles has become a very important tool for many website owners.

Building good links means looking at the keywords, theme and topic of the site one is linking to and whether the information or content corresponds with each other. A site about babies will of course do well linking to a sight about diapers. Another thing to look for is the sites that are already linked and their website content also. This is truly a case where quality beats quantity every single time.

Link popularity offers the chance to also build online relationships where sites can really help to promote themselves and each other through the ranks by merely linking to each other. It is often said that when one works on making quality links to and with other sites, many issues with having a website will roll up and take care of itself.

Once those links are made, link maintenance will be the order of the day. Those who enjoy this type of work can do it for themselves but for those who don’t, there is always a quality SEO company skilled in link popularity that will readily handle the task without difficulty.

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