13 Dec 2007

Get Links Locally

Scott Hendison has a good post on his blog about getting links from local sources.  He writes:

If you’re a local contractor, how about assembling a decent resource center for your potential clients? Where exactly should they file their building permits in your neighborhood and how? Where should they go to complain about another bad contractor?

Have you got local links, phone numbers and addresses for all of the city and state offices they could possibly need and tried to give them good customer service before you even know who they are?

Who has the best prices in town (or shortest waits, best service etc.) on lumber and other home supplies? Could you make a good list, getting customer and employee input, then promote it on Craig’s list and in forums? Would other local sites then mention and link to you?

If you’re a real estate or mortgage broker, then "mortgage calculators" and "easy home locators" have long been tools that any decent site should have, but what’s even more unique, or “niche” to your business?

Check out his post for the rest of a great write up.

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