27 Dec 2007

Link Development Guidelines

Jeffrey Smith has an excellent post on his site covering 5 link development guidelines.  Ever wondered what to look for when building links? Link building is like one of sacred scrolls of search engine optimization, that (for very good reason) is kept secret. Much like the formula for Pepsi, Coca Cola and other trade secrets that if revealed and exposed to the wrong sources, could spawn unnecessary competition, lack of market share and other undesirables. 

Likewise in SEO the top 10 holds this same allure and for that reason the information you typically find on the topic is deliberately sparse. The reason being, building links is one of the fundamental cornerstones of SEO and arguably represent the 80/20 rule in SEO (that 20% of the SEO is link building that produces 80% of the results).  Read the rest of his post at SEO Design Solutions.

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