15 Sep 2009

Signs for Irregular Links?

September 15, 2009Link Building

At this point in my life, there are two things I truly enjoy and spend a lot of time doing. One is hiking and the other is link building. That’s right I said link building. I know – it’s a sickness.

Normally I hike so that I can totally remove myself from the day-to-day concerns of running an SEO & link building agency. In fact, I have been building links for as long as LinkMoses (he just does a better job at the whole self-promotion thing than me), and I have been hiking for even longer. Last week those two worlds finally collided when I ran into the sign below. I wonder how may other hikers have seen this sign and immediately associated it with backlinks! I know – it’s a sickness.

Actually my first thought was "what in the world is this supposed to mean?", but my next thought was "take a picture and post to TwitPic, tweet about it and write a blog post". I know – it’s a sickness.

I asked my Twitter followers what they thought when they saw this picture. I received three pretty funny responses.

@dougfeeney Odd shaped sausage??  (not a link builder)
@frank_in_oz confusion… (a hiker)
@Matt_Siltala is that trail no followed? :-)  (bingo!)

So what comes to your mind when you see this pic? Please let me know below!

Signs for irregular links

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  • RM Sep 15, 2009

    Too funny! I wonder if I’ll become this obsessed?! In the hiking world I would image it means “warning”, not a good path to go down. In the link building business, I would image it means you aren’t doing your job properly if you are building irregular links!

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting & thought provoking!

    RM – InBoundMarketingPR